We focus on the enforcement of your rights. We support you proactively and on your own initiative in making decisions for optimal and reliable tax planning.

Companies and liberal professions
Key points of the support are the organization and prompt preparation of audit-proof financial accounting, payroll accounting and annual financial statements. The meaningful results are the basis for your planning and conclusive decisions. Our clients are medium-sized and small companies from a growing range of industries. We have well-founded industry-specific knowledge, which we continuously update through interest in our clients’ business.

Property management
Our range of services also includes the management of rental properties. Our range of services includes, among other things, rental accounting, annual operating and heating cost accounting, keeping deposit accounts and organising and monitoring the orders of tradesmen in connection with real estate. The final step is the determination of the annual result and the timely preparation of tax returns for income from renting and leasing.

Our many years of experience also extend to social housing.

German tax law is complicated and the tax burden is high. Advice is therefore important. Complicated income tax issues arising, for example, from the rental of a condominium or double housekeeping, regularly require support.

It is essential to seek expert advice on all matters relating to gifts and inheritances, and forward-looking planning is particularly advisable here.